How to Optimize Dock in your Mac?

Your dock at the bottom of your Mac’s screen is an important element. It is from where you launch all your frequently used apps. Your browser, your word processor, your spreadsheets or just your photo albums. Whatever it may be, it usually begins with a click from the dock.

Now, not a lot of people know this but your dock can be optimized to help your Mac perform efficiently. Let’s look at an example. Go ahead and open a browser tab from the dock. Now, let’s assume that you have this window open and you want to look up another browser window, but without closing the first one. What do you do, you click on the browser icon in the dock. Now, you have two browser windows open in your Tab. Toggling between them is not very convenient as you find yourself minimizing and maximizing windows, a very confusing and time consuming process.
What if each time you click on the browser tab in the dock your browser opens a new tab as opposed to opening up a new window. This will use less memory as only one window keeps tabs opened. It will also be very easy for you to toggle between tabs as you don’t have to distractingly minimize and maximize window.
To carry out this dock setting, go to system preferences, dock and then check the box that says prefer tabs when opening new documents and set it to always. The box is disabled by default. While there in this settings page, turn off the genie effect to give your Mac just a little oomph when it comes to speed. You will lose the cool genie like effect when you open and close apps but who really cares if it helps you get your work done faster. The next time someone asks you why is my mac so slow suddenly, give them this tip and maybe it will help them out!

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